Monday, December 4, 2017


Upcoming Events & Reminders
  • Chapel this Monday along with a special police officer visit
  • Music class will be on Wednesday this week
  • Christmas Program Thursday, December 14 at 6:30pm. All family is invited!
This week’s Theme: Transportation
Ask the students about:
Getting to meet the K9 dog and therapy dog with the UK Police department
Scripture of the week
“The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever” Psalm 121:8
2-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can repeat our school prayers and learn our Christmas songs.
  • I can associate the first letter of my name with others that start with the same letter.
  • I can follow along and imitate the patterns of sound and movement.
  • I can use my five senses to explore our different crafts and activities.
  • I can make my own choices.
  • I can use a variety of media when making our different crafts.
  • I can control the small muscles in my hands.
  • I can engage in finger plays.
  • I can learn to take turns.

Bible Stories This Week:
  • The Christmas Story

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Practice saying Please and Thank You.
  • Talk about what you and your family are thankful for.
3-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I believe that God hears and answers prayers
  • I can recognize the upper and lower case letters in and out of sequence
  • I can recognize me name in print
  • I can understand the concept of more, less and equal
  • I can record information collected in the class
  • I can discuss different modes of transportation
  • I can develop my skills in drama
  • I can use scissors
  • I can discuss snacks - healthy and junk
  • I can follow rules for simple games
  • I can show social cooperation

Bible Stories This Week:
  • Nativity Scenes and Songs
Things to Practice at Home:
  • Work on finding items that begin with the letter J
4-Year-Old News
To learn about Transportation the 4’s will do dump truck counting, ramp building, train car lineup, types of transportation, various books on the subject, "The Transportation Song," rocket races, 3D airplanes, and a train track adventure!

This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can know that God is always with me and He hears my prayers.
  • I can discover that Mary and Joseph rode a donkey or camel to Bethlehem.
  • I can identify the form and sound of Jj.
  • I can learn about transportation through fiction and nonfiction books.
  • I can understand that letters are grouped together to form words.
  • I can listen to others and take turns when speaking.
  • I can estimate quantity and length and use the correct terms.
  • I can use directional terms.
  • I can recognize numbers 1-10.
  • I can explore simple machines (ramps) and manipulate the height to change the outcome.
  • I can ask scientific questions and make predictions.
  • I can identify various natural features and use them in play.
  • I can create and use simple maps.
  • I can discuss different modes of transportation and classify them as land, air, and water.
  • I can sing along with my peers.
  • I can experience and produce 3 dimensional art.
  • I can perform a variety of large-motor skills in a sequence.
  • I can follow rules for simple games.
  • I can listen to a guest speaker and show respect for those in roles of authority.

Bible Stories This Week:
  • God hears and answers prayers and He is always with us.

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Child Numbers

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