Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Upcoming Events & Reminders
  • Chapel and Music classes are both currently on Mondays.
  • Christmas Program Thursday, December 14 at 6:30pm. All family is invited!
This week’s Theme: Hibernation
Ask the students about:
Building Caves and their Bear Hunt
Scripture of the week
“Come to me...I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
2-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can thank God for my family, friends, and everything I have.
  • I show interest in our songs that we sing.
  • I can pretend to read books from left to right.
  • I can ask simple questions about myself and my family.
  • I enjoy the art process when making different things in the classroom.
  • I exhibit hand-eye coordination.
  • I can control the small muscles in my hands.
  • I can help my teacher with different things in the classroom like preparing for snack.
Bible Stories This Week:
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Daily Devotional Book

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Practice saying Please and Thank You.
  • Talk about what you and your family are thankful for.
3-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can pray with my class and on my own
  • I can listen for 5 or more minutes
  • I can follow 2-3 step directions
  • I can recognize numbers 1-10
  • I can sort by shape, size and color
  • I can collect and record information
  • I can talk about life cycles
  • I can show independence in the classroom
  • I can participate in music class
  • I can practice emergency drills
  • I can play by sharing space, materials and ideas

Bible Stories This Week:
  • Lords Prayer
  • Daily Devotional Book
Things to Practice at Home:
  • Work on finding items that begin with the letter J
4-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:

  • I can understand the God created everything.
  • I can read my own writing.
  • I can dictate something for an adult to write down.
  • I can produce marks, pictures and symbols that represent print and ideas.
  • I can speak in complete sentences.
  • I can rote count orally to 30.
  • I can understand and use ordinal numbers.
  • I can recognize two dimensional shapes.
  • I can use prepositional words to describe the position of objects.
  • I can experiment with weights and balances (using scientific tools).
  • I can collect, describe, and record information.
  • I can describe animals and animal patterns/cycles.
  • I can develop skills and an appreciation for dance and music.
  • I can define texture by sight and touch.
  • I can pretend play.
  • I can perform locomotor and non-locomotor skills at a basic level.
  • I can identify and use a variety of spatial relationships with objects.
  • I can identify feeling and appropriate ways to communicate needs and wants.
  • I can share and take turns.

Bible Stories This Week:
  • Read God Created, Read All Things Bright and Beautiful, Read/Write/Recite the poem God Made Me!

Things to Practice at Home:
  • 9 Indoor Activities for Winter Break

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