Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Upcoming Events & Reminders
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, November 10. You can bring your child with you to the conference. THERE IS NO SCHOOL THAT DAY.
  • Thanksgiving Feast is Friday, November 17 at 11:30.
This week’s Theme: Harvest
Scripture of the week
“Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.” -James 3:18
2-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can thank God for everything we have (family, friends, etc).
  • I can discuss past, present, and future events (holidays).
  • I can predict what comes next in an ABAB pattern.
  • I have awareness to the change in seasons and weather.
  • I can follow simple instructions.
  • I can use a variety of media when making our different arts and crafts projects.
  • I exhibit hand-eye coordination when doing different activities through each day.
  • I demonstrate a need to complete tasks on my own when working on different activities.

Bible Stories This Week:
  • Discussed how God taught farmers how to grow vegetables and how we harvest them for our food.
  • Learn our song from Pastor Groth.
Things to Practice at Home:
  • Talk about the different holidays at this time of year.
3-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can share God's love as they help and serve others
  • I can recognize upper case alphabet letters in and out of sequence
  • I can recognize my name
  • I can count and understand the concepts of more or less
  • I can recognize numerals, count with one to one correspondence, match numerals with objects
  • I can recognize 2D shapes
  • I can recognize that i am created by God and my growth is different from plants and animals
  • I can follow simple rules and say what the consequences will be if not followed
  • I can be independent
  • I can take turns
  • I can produce 2 and 3 dimensional art
  • I can demonstrate growth in strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and timing
Bible Stories This Week:
  • From the Devotional Book - "Being Silly", "Be a friend to everyone" and " Calm Down"
Things to Practice at Home:
  • Please help your child practice putting on their jackets/coats.
  • Find the letter H ( Please practice all letters A-H)
4-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:
  • I can identify initial sounds in words and names.
  • I can demonstrate emergent phonemic/phonological awareness.
  • I can show interest/understanding of the basic concepts/conventions of print.
  • I can explore the physical aspects of writing.
  • I can identify the shape/sound and write the letter Oo.
  • I can count with understanding and recognize ""how many"" are in sets.
  • I can understand and use ordinal numbers.
  • I can sequence activities and make predictions.
  • I can retell and order pictures in chronological order.
  • I can describe and compare the basic needs of living things.
  • I can express wonder and ask questions about my world.
  • I can begin to describe people who live in different places for different reasons.
  • I can observe, discuss, and dramatize basic economic concept such as buying and selling, producing, and consuming.
  • I can develop skills in dance and drama.
  • I can hold and manipulate scissors correctly.
  • I can demonstrate ability to alternate left and right sides of the body and cross the mid-line.
  • I can develop relationships with peers and adults.
  • I can help, share, and cooperate in a group setting.
Bible Stories This Week:
Stewardship. We will define the word stewardship, recite a kindness pledge, do random acts of kindness, and use our time and talents to help others.
Things to Practice at Home:
Learning, loving and living as God’s Children
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