Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Learning About Fall

Upcoming Events & Reminders

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, November 10. You can bring your child with you to the conference. THERE IS NO SCHOOL THAT DAY.
  • Thanksgiving Feast is Friday, November 17 at 11:30.
This week’s Theme: Fall
Scripture of the week
Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done. -Colossians 2:7
2-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:

  • I can repeat our pumpkin prayer.
  • I can learn to hold and look through a book correctly (front to back)
  • I can identify different attributes of leaves when making our crafts
  • I can explore the environment using different tools such as magnifying glasses, tongs, and our hands
  • I can discuss the changes that happen with our weather during fall
  • I can use different media to make crafts
  • I can squat and bend to pick up items
  • I can assist the teacher when cleaning up and getting ready for snack and pick up

Bible Stories This Week:
Pumpkin Prayer

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Help your child learn to sit at the table while eating.
  • Teach them to say “please” and “thank you.
  • Point out different fall colors, count how many pumpkins you see when trick or treating or walking around your neighborhood!
3-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:

  • I can celebrate God's love by listening to his word
  • I can practice good stewardship with time, talents and treasures
  • I can recognize basic book characteristics (front, back, title)
  • I can speak in complete sentences, listen to others and take turns in talking
  • I can rhyme words
  • I can say what comes first, second and third
  • I can say basic patterns
  • I can identify the seasons
  • I can use a variety of tools
  • I can sequence recurring events
  • I can identify what clothes to wear for each weather
  • I can use different colors, textures and shapes
  • I can bend, jump, hop and balance
  • I can use hand eye coordination
  • I can cooperate in a social environment
  • I can share and take turns
  • I can follow simple instructions
Bible Stories This Week:
God created day and night.

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Please help your child practice putting on their jackets/coats.
  • Find the letter H ( Please practice all letters A-H)
4-Year-Old News
This week we are learning the following objectives:

  • I can practice good stewardship with time, talents, and treasures.
  • I can recognize and form the letter Cc.
  • I can match uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • I can tell and retell stories and various songs.
  • I can recognize, duplicate, extend, and create multiple patterns.
  • I can tell what activity comes first and what follows in sequence.
  • I can identify sizes.
  • I can identify and differentiate the four seasons.
  • I can use a variety of tools to explore the environment and describe its current changes.
  • I can make predictions on what will happen next.
  • I can differentiate between events that happen in the past, present, and future.
  • I can recall information.
  • I can identify various natural features.
  • I can determine what type of clothing to wear based on the weather.
  • I can sing and move to music and action rhymes.
  • I can name and identify colors.
  • I can mix colors to create new colors.
  • I can use different tools to make art creations.
  • I can move with control and balance, use fine motor muscles, and identify spatial relationships with objects.
  • I can express and define emotions.
  • I can manage transitions and adapt to changes in routines and environment.
  • I can follow simple rules and engage in cooperative play.

Bible Stories This Week:
Stewardship. We will define the word stewardship, recite a kindness pledge, do random acts of kindness, and use our time and talents to help others.

Things to Practice at Home:
  • Take a look at the random acts of kindness calendar that your student will bring home and complete as many as you can throughout the month.

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